Wholesale Pottery

Become a Wholesale Customer

We offer wholesale pricing to qualified buyers.  

To place an order email us at claypathwholesale@gmail.com.  We will send you a welcome email with our wholesale prices, online catalogue and instructions for ordering.  IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME ORDERING, PLEASE EMAIL US YOUR ZIP CODE SO WE CAN MAKE SURE WE DON'T HAVE ANY COMPETITORS IN YOUR AREA. 




All items are available in the above seven colors, named as follows:

1. Avocado  2. Blue Cheese  3. Eggplant  4. Espresso  5. Vanilla Bean  6. Sushi  7.  Mustard  8. Seaweed


  • All sales are final.
  • All orders have a MINIMUM lead time of eight to twelve weeks.  Please be advised, orders could take longer depending on size of order, other orders in que, and weather. 
  • The order fulfillment date on order invoice is an ESTIMATE. 
  • Freight or delivery fee will be added to each order before shipment.  An updated invoice will be emailed prior to shipment.  ALL ORDERS MUST BE PAID IN FULL BEFORE SHIPMENT. (Orders within 80 miles of York, PA may be delivered at $100 per order)
  • Any orders with an unpaid invoice after 15 days of notification will be cancelled unless special arrangements have been made.
  • Items broken in shipment will be replaced or refunded. 
  • Item Variations:  All items are handmade, therefore, they may vary in size, color, shape, etc.  We do our best to make pieces match as well as two human hands can. Items that have met our quality control for shipment may not be returned.