Retail Policies & FAQs

Retail Policies

Order Lead Time

All items are MADE TO ORDER.  We are currently at a 6-12 week lead time.  Lead time will vary depending on size of order, other orders in que and weather.  

Returns & exchanges

We don't accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations.  Please contact us if you have any problems with your order.  If an item arrives broken please contact us ASAP.  We will need a photograph of the broken piece(s) and we will replace the item as soon as possible.  

Frequently asked questions

If I get a set will they be the exact same size and color?

Short answer, no. We throw each piece individually by starting with the same weight of clay. Each piece will vary slightly. One may be shorter or fatter by a little bit. It is hand formed, not formed in a mold. They are then glazed and fired. Slight changes in glaze thickness and kiln placement and kiln temperature can create slightly different results. All items are handmade and we hope our customers will embrace the small variations.

Can I order a different glaze color?

We have multiple glaze options available, limited to what you see in our shop. Any item can be glazed in any glaze option available, simply select the color desired during checkout. 

If I send you a picture, can you make an exact replica?

No. We have our own throwing style and our own set of glazes. Even if your previous piece was handmade that does not mean we can make a replica, nor would we be interested in copying someone else's work. If you want me to make a specific piece that is slightly different than an item we have have listed, message us to see if we can.

Wedding registries:

Contact us to begin the process of creating your registry. We will work with you to determine the specific items for your registry and then make you your own special listing. The recipients agree to purchase all of the remaining pieces within two months after the wedding date.